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Do you require vermiculite insulation removal?

J Peacock Insulation offers a Vermiculite Insulation removal service to swiftly and efficiently remove this outdated form of insulation from your home. Before modern fibre glass insulation became the standard means of insulating your home, a substance called Vermiculite was the common insulation solution.

Vermiculite is a mineral which when heated up to temperatures of 1000 degrees centigrade inflates, creating pockets of air within itself - this along with the fact that it is non-combustible make it suitable for the purposes of insulation and installed into many homes built before the year 1990. It is easy to identify Vermiculite insulation, as it is laid loose and has a gravel-like appearance. Although the Vermiculite mineral itself is not thought to pose any health risk, it is now common knowledge that Vermiculite insulation could be potentially harmful, due to the threat of asbestos fibres being present within the insulation. Until the 1990’s Vermiculite was imported into the UK from an American mine which also contained deposits of asbestos, which then, in turn, contaminated the Vermiculite used as insulation for peoples homes across America and the United Kingdom. The dangers of asbestos are widely and commonly known nowadays as it is a carcinogenic substance, with its fibres easily becoming airborne when disturbed. If inhaled, asbestos can have devastating long term effects, often leading to lung disease and ailments, even after only one occurrence of exposure. Needless to say, Vermiculite insulation poses an unnecessary risk to the safety of a household and should be removed and replaced with safer, modern insulation. It is not possible to identify from sight whether there are asbestos fibres present, so it needs to be tested by a professional before being disturbed or removed, never by the homeowner themselves!

As well as the dangers Vermiculite insulation can potentially pose, it is also a less effective and efficient method of insulating a home than standard fibreglass; and as a vast majority of heat is lost through the ceilings and roof, with vermiculite insulation removal and replacement insulation, huge amounts could be saved on energy bills in the long run. As well as being a less effective means of insulation, due to its undesirable reputation, having vermiculite insulation may affect the value of the home. J Peacock Insulations’ vermiculite insulation removal service offers a fast, safe and effective solution to the issue of antiquated insulation. This service is fairly uncommon and there are not many companies operating with the expertise and know-how to accomplish safe vermiculite insulation removal. Following a test of the vermiculite insulation, provided asbestos is not present, the team will remove it safely and replace the insulation with Knauf loft roll 44 fibreglass. The process is not dangerous to the homeowners, and the team ensure that all waste is removed and disposed of appropriately. J Peacock Insulation works in a timely and tidy manner and prides themselves on offering a reliable and personalised service at fair, competitive rates.

Blown insulation

This is insulation blown into the areas of the loft. J Peacocks are able to quickly and safely remove this insulation using the latest technology.

Polystrate Insulation

Polystrate insulation can be a difficult product to remove. J Peacocks have a vast experience in dealing with this product and are able to safely complete this work.

Polystyrene Insulation

Polystyrene insulation is no longer a widely used source of insulation due to safety concerns specifically with fire hazards. This type of insulation may stick to cables causing them to over heat. J Peacocks are able to safely remove this quickly and effectively.

Vermiculite Insulation

This type of insulation has caused various concerns relating to health. J Peacocks are able to quickly and efficiently remove this insulation. This insulation is always tested for asbestos to ensure safety of our workforce and clients.

Trained & Certified

Once all of the insulation is removed, the space is properly cleaned to remove the debris. J Peacocks hold a waste tier 2 waste disposal certification and therefore ensure all waste is removed and disposed of according to regulations. Our workforce is all asbestos awareness trained and certified to ensure the safety of our clients and workforce at all times.

J Peacocks then complete an extensive analysis and survey of the area. This ensures that the insulation has been properly and thoroughly extracted and also advise on future insulation requirements. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email. J peacocks endeavor to provide an easy yet professional service throughout our customer's journey.

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