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One of the biggest regular expenses you have to pay out as a homeowner, tenant, or landlord in Essex is indisputably the cost of your energy bills; and with poor quality or outdated loft insulation, the likelihood is you’re paying far more than you need to to the energy companies. Your heating system uses energy to produce the heat to keep your home warm; heat which rises through your house to the highest point, the loft, where approximately 30% of that valuable heat is lost through the roof - wasting energy, and money! Yet by having one of Essex’s most reliable insulation companies install modern and efficient loft insulation into your house, this can be significantly reduced – as too will the cost of your energy bills! Not only is effective insulation the key for keeping your home warm during winter, but it is also important in the summer too to keep your house cool and stop the outside heat from creeping in.


Importantly, the current building regulations as well as the Energy Saving Trust state that in order for loft insulation to meet their standards, it must be a minimum thickness of 270mm, or just shy of 11 inches. Loft insulation at this depth ensures the best chance of reducing energy waste as well as lowering the carbon emissions that your house may put out into the atmosphere. Make the best use of the often overlooked loft space, and commit to improving the energy efficiency of your home, all whilst keeping your home a warm and comfortable place to be, by using of one of Essex’ best loft insulation companies, J Peacock Insulations.

J Peacock Insulations provide loft insulation installation to the Essex area, and with their highly experienced, expert team offer a personable, unique service, customised to each clients’ needs – a friendly and bespoke service that you may not experience with other larger companies. Having over 15 years experience in the loft insulation industry, J Peacocks are a company that can be trusted to work to the highest standards, in a safe and timely manner, and can guarantee the fairest and competitive prices. The process of improving your homes’ heating efficiency with new loft insulation couldn’t be easier – the team would start out by taking a survey of your Essex property, at which checks for asbestos would be completed. Once it’s confirmed there is no asbestos present, all necessary measurements would be taken, you’d be presented with a quote, and the work can be then be arranged for a time that best suits your schedule. The loft insulation fitting team would then work methodically and tidily, to install the new insulation to a depth of at least 270-300mm, with most loft insulation fittings being completed within one day. J Peacock Insulations are approved for waste removal, which means you can be sure that no mess will be left behind and everything will be taken care of for you. Modern loft insulation should last up to 25 years, and J Peacock Insulations are so confident in the quality of their work that they offer a guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Although the exact cost of having your new loft insulation installed varies depending on the size of your loft space, if you improve efficiency and reduce heat energy loss in your Essex property by simply having new loft insulation fitted, you will quickly notice the return in your investment through lower heating bills all year round.

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