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It is estimated that over a quarter of heat is lost through the uninsulated roofs and lofts of domestic homes. Insulating your roof is an investment that directly results in reduced heating bills. If properly installed, loft installation can last over 40 years meaning this investment pays for itself tenfold. Loft installation also adds value to your property and with the new government initiative, J Peacock can deliver all your insulation needs whether this is for new build properties or domestic clients. We specialise in vermiculite installation removal, loft boarding and loft insulation for clients based in Chelmsford, Colchester, Essex as well as throughout all surrounding areas.

J Peacock is able to install loft insulation in even the trickiest of roofs and attic spaces. We are passionate about ensuring we do the best job for every client. We understand that each job and client has different needs. We start each job with a consultation to see exactly what you require. You can insulate your loft to create a warm environment for your loft and the rest of your home or create a cold area in your loft. By insulating between your joists will create a cold area in your loft whilst keeping the rest of your home warm. However, laying the insulation in the rafters will keep your loft and home area warm. J Peacock can guide you through the various options and techniques to ensure we deliver all your insulation needs.

When insulating a roof or attic space there are various issues that can arise. J Peacock is able to draw on their years of experience to combat any issues that may occur. J Peacock can navigate damp or condensation issues and attic or roof spaces with very limited space or that are not easily accessible. Our expert loft installers can face any challenge thrown their way in a professional yet timely manner. Our glowing reviews speak for themselves, and we are proud of ourselves on the numerous personal recommendations we receive. For further information or a no-obligation quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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