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J Peacock has completed a number of new build insulation projects to ensure correct insulation from the outset. J Peacock has worked on-site with a number of construction agents during construction stages using PIR and PUR board insulation. We are well equipped and vastly experienced working with sloping ceilings, walls, floors, and pitched roofs. J Peacocks are also renowned for our craftsmanship when working on vapour barriers, External walls, stud walls, and refurbs.

Ensuring your home is efficient and economical should be a high priority for any homeowner. Rigid boarding is becoming increasingly popular and is used to ensure your home is properly insulated. These boards use high-quality material to ensure that heat remains in the home and therefore, significantly reducing energy bills. Rigid boarding is compactly designed to ensure high energy efficiency and maximum insulation but taking up less space than conventional insulation solutions. It is thought that other insulation such as wool material needs twice the amount to provide as much efficiency as rigid boarding.

J Peacocks are on hand to guide or customers through the various rigid boarding options. There are many different types and brands available which have various different pros and cons. J Peacocks are able to offer expert advice on which product may best suit your project. Rigid board insulation is also available in various thicknesses which can affect the level of insulation it provides. However, each level of thickness comes at various price points and therefore may not be the best solution for your project as you may not need the highest thickness of rigid board insulation. How you fit the rigid boards can alter the temperature of the loft space and therefore will be consulted about beforehand during the design and consultation process.

Rigid boarding can prove a difficult product to fit. However, here at J Peacock, our experts are able to ensure this job runs smoothly and is finished to a high standard. J Peacocks are proud to provide a high-class standard of work at every project no matter how big or small. With our experts, we can guide you through the various options or insulation and help to choose the most suitable products for your project and price point. J Peacocks are always on hand to talk you through your options.

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