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J Peacock offer loft insulation in Chelmsford and throughout the surrounding areas. As is common knowledge, one of the most costly outgoings that you can face as an owner of a home, a renter or a landlord in Chelmsford has to be energy bills; and with inept loft insulation, you could be spending a far greater amount than you need to. Heat rises, and the heat produced by your heating system rises up through your home, and finally ends up at the highest point of the house, which is usually the loft. If your loft doesn’t have the correct thickness of insulation, around 30% of that heat escapes out through the roof and into the cold air outside. However, by installing adequate and efficient insulation into your loft, this can be largely reduced – as too can the cost of your energy bills! Not only is effective insulation vital for keeping precious warmth in during the cold winter months, but it is also important for the summer when keeping the heat out can be just as important. According to the recommendations of the Energy Saving Trust and the current building regulations, the depth of your loft insulation should be a minimum of 270mm. This is the minimum thickness to ensure energy efficiency and also to cut down on carbon emissions from your Chelmsford residence into the atmosphere. The empty space above your head could remain empty and wasteful, or you could turn it into an investment and keep your home warm and bills low with the help of J Peacock Insulations in Chelmsford.

High Quality Loft Insulation in Chelmsford

J Peacock Insulations offer an unbeatable loft insulation service within the Chelmsford and Essex area and are highly reputed for offering a friendly, bespoke service, customised to each clients’ needs. With over 15 years in the loft insulation industry, J Peacocks highly qualified and proficient team will work efficiently and fastidiously to produce only the highest quality work, all at fair and competitive prices. Your journey to improve energy efficiency by installing new loft insulation begins with a survey of your property in the Chelmsford area, at which the required asbestos checks would be completed. The loft insulation fitters would then clear the space for measurement, followed by a discussion of your quotation, and then the installation can be booked in for a time which best suits your needs. The loft insulation teamwork in a fast and tidy manner when installing new insulation, with most loft insulation jobs being finished within one day; and being waste removal approved, you can be confident that no mess will be left behind.

Generally speaking, the loft insulation remains effective for around 25 years, and J Peacock Insulations offer a guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results.

Replacing old loft insulation with new, energy-efficient insulation will greatly reduce heat energy loss in your Chelmsford property, and in turn, bring down the cost of your bills. The exact price of having your new loft insulation installed is calculated by the measurements gathered during the initial survey, but you can be confident that you will soon see any money invested to improve your loft insulation in the reduction of your energy bills, not only for the colder seasons but all year round.

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