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There are many forms of loft entry and access panels on the market including a variety of loft hatches. J Peacocks have vast experience in the industry and are therefore well equipped for any problems that may arise. We are creative and innovative and therefore thrive on challenges and problem-solving. We work closely with our customers to ensure we provide what they need. We are able to provide access to lofts in the most awkward and tightest areas. J Peacocks can advise on the best access and entry points for your loft and design and install bespoke options if necessary.

Loft ladders are an essential tool when accessing loft spaces yet many overlook the importance of this product. There is a huge range of loft ladders on the market. This enables our customers to have the perfect loft ladder that meets all of their requirements and needs. J Peacocks have a vast range of experience and therefore are able to help you determine which loft ladder would be most suitable for your needs. If space is an issue for a customer then a space-saving or telescopic design may best suit. However, if the style is more important than we can provide a range to suit the property and our customer's preferences. From aluminium to timber loft ladders J Peacocks have a range of stylish yet affordable loft ladders for all.

Not only is it important to choose the correct loft ladder this must be properly installed. When installing loft ladders it is essential that this is expertly done to ensure the safety of use. A ladder not properly installed may mean that it needs replacing sooner than a correctly installed product. It may even result in injuries in the future if the ladder is not properly structured and installed.

J Peacock are on hand to answer all of your questions. For more information or a no-obligation quotation please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Create space with loft boarding

Loft boarding can be hugely beneficial to many loft spaces. Loft boarding is an essential element when converting a loft or attic into a usable area. These spaces are regularly used for storage purposes. In the current climate growing families can easily outgrow their property yet are unable to afford the cost of moving. This can be an affordable alternative whilst adding value to the property by moving storage into a safe and secure area.

There are occasions where loft and attic spaces are already being used for storage without being boarded. However, this can be a disaster waiting to happen. Trying to navigate a loft that has not been boarded often results in feet through ceilings or damaged pipes. There are many occasions where people are trying to access or organise a loft from ladders which can be a very precarious and dangerous option. If a boiler is stored in a loft then the gas engineer may refuse to access this if there are no loft boards due to safety concerns. Once your loft is boarded you can use this space with ease and safety giving you access to your belongings safely.

If loft boarding is not properly designed and installed this can compress the insulation. This then can lose 50% of the u-value and can stop the insulation from insulating and may then cause it to collect condensation when compressed.

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